Carpet Cleaning Service Miami, FL

Miami in Florida most famously known for its beaches is an amazing getaway spot for people looking to know their city’s culture, sports activities, clubs or it can be just playing in the water. Miami can be the perfect vacation destination for you if you are into the party world.
Amidst all the parties and people visiting for their vacation there is always need for carpet cleaning if you have a house where you are welcoming people and guests to come have a good time. After all, you will always want your carpets to look good and clean if you are having a party at your house.
We at Kings Steam USA are professional carpet cleaners and have been keeping carpets clean around Miami, Fl since 1998, so that our customers can have a good time without having to worry about their carpet problems.
Talking about carpet cleaning, we have technicians that are well trained and professional about their carpet cleaning skills. You can always expect the highest quality of carpet cleaning services if you happen to hire King Steam USA for your carpet cleaning problems. We respect our work and our customer’s time too so our carpet cleaning technicians will arrive at the appointed time, move your furniture from the rooms you want to be cleaned, vacuum your carpeting with our powerful vacuums, pre-treat any stains and odors and then steam clean your carpets.
When it comes to the machines we use, we always prefer to use the best ones in the industry. Our powerful steam cleaning carpet cleaners are designed to clean deep down to the roots of those carpets fibers and lift all the dirt and those stains and odors away. Our steam cleaners will leave your carpeting drier than most cleaning machines so that your carpet dries faster than the rest. Our steam cleaners are top of the line because we believe that our cleaning technicians can only do their job if they have the best tools .
We also believe in using the best cleaning products for our carpet cleaning that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our non-toxic cleaning products are gentle on your carpet fibers, but tough on dirt, odors and stains. You will not have to worry about your children and pets about getting in contact with any harmful cleaning chemicals as our cleaners won’t leave behind any chemical odors or dangerous residue. Our non-toxic cleaners are as effective as traditional chemical cleaners, but are healthier for you, your children and family in comparison to the other harmful chemicals used for cleaning.
The types of carpets we clean are:

Ofelin Carpets

: Also known as polypropylene is the most common and widely used fiber in carpets after Nylon.


: They are hand woven carpets that come in traditional and modern designs made in North America and the Sahara.


: These types of carpets are very densely woven luxurious carpets for a soft feel under foot. They are popularly used in bed rooms and living rooms and also called Plush carpets.


: This type of carpets are distinguished as they have long fibers with a high twist. Although they can be a little difficult to clean but are really good at hiding dirt and footprints.

Polyester and Polyester Blend

: This type of carpets are one of the most popular types of material used in carpets along with Nylon. It is a highly stain resistant material used to make carpets.

Natural and Synthetic Fibers

: This type of carpets are made up of natural fabrics made from animal and plant based materials like silk, cotton or wool. On the other hand synthetic fibers are mostly man-made materials made from chemicals used to manufacture fabrics like polyester, acrylic etc.

Over all we will take care of every need and requirement to make your carpets come back to life again. You can put your trust in Kings Steam USA as we only aim to impress.