Tile & Grout Cleaning Miami FL

Tile & Grout cleaning in Miami, Florida

Before we get into learning about what Tile & Grout Cleaning is, it is important to know what they are. A Tile is a rectangular or a square slab made from different rocky materials that you use to cover up the floor of a house to give it a neat finish, especially in the kitchen or bathroom area. Grout on the other hand is a mixture of sand, clay, water or other materials that are used to fill the gaps between the tiles of a floor or a wall. Basically Tile & Grout are complementary materials that you use in the walls and floors of a house.

There are basically 4 types of grouts available:

Fine Sanded Grout

: This type of grout can be found in floor tiles having joints that are 1/8” to 3/8” wide.

Unsanded Grout

: This type of grout can be found in floor tiles having joints that are 1/8” wide.

Epoxy Grout

: This type of grout is highly stains and chemicals resistant having very powerful bonding strength.

Quarry type of Grout

: This type of grout is similar to fine sanded grout but uses a coarser grade of sand. It can be found in floor tiles having joints that are 3/8” to 1/2” wide.

Here are a few challenges you will face while cleaning tile & grout:

Dirty Grout

: Since grout is present between the gaps of the tiles and is a porous material that will stain easily and may even stay permanent. While cleaning tiles all the dirt is pushed to the gaps where the grout is which makes it dirty faster. It is highly recommended to get a professional cleaning team to do the cleaning part for you when you live in a place like Miami, FL.

Uneven colors

: The first thing you will notice on your floor or walls is the uneven color patterns of the tiles and grouts. It is natural that they will be off different colors depending on the pattern the tiles and grouts are stained. It can also be because of your choice of cleaning chemicals which may be causing the uneven patterns in the color of the tiles and grouts. Regular cleaning is recommended with eco-friendly and healthy cleaning chemicals or you can always hire a professional cleaning team for the purpose.

Hollow Tiles

: This type of issue is something that originates from the installation process itself. Either the adhesive used is not strong enough to hold the tiles or there are spots missing between the floor and the tiles where the adhesive is missing. You should consult a professional who can fill up the gaps with adhesive or the only option you can with is re-tiling the floor.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts you need to know about tile and grout cleaning:


Tile Sealing

: When you call in a professional to clean your tile and grout, you should ask them to use sealant on your tile and grout which will have a great effect on keeping your floor look cleaner for a longer period of time making it look fresh every time it is cleaned.

Proper cleaning tools

: You should always use soft clothes or sponges when you are cleaning your tile and grout. Also make sure you know the chemical you are using and that they are eco-friendly and healthy chemicals.

Immediate Spill Cleaning

: You may think that small spills will not be much of a problem but you should know that tiles and grouts are porous and letting a spill sit there can be a big problem once it seeps underneath. Spills are one of the most ignored causes that make the tiles discolored and give out foul odors.


Excessive Water Use

: Using too much water while cleaning can be the main reasons for mold and mildew growing underneath the floor because water can seep into the porous tile and grout.

Using Bleach for Grouts

: Using bleach or other harmful chemicals can destroy the grouts between the tiles resulting in tiles to crack or come apart. You should always use healthy and eco-friendly products while cleaning.

Colored Cleaning Products

: Since tiles and grouts are porous they can easily absorb the coloring from the colored chemicals you use. This will result in uneven coloring of your tiles in the long run. Clear cleaning chemicals or solutions are always to be given first priority.

Tile and Grout cleaning in a place like Miami, FL can be a very difficult and frustrating work when you are already dealing with your daily hectic routine. So you can always remember Kings Steam USA to do the work for you. We only use healthy and eco-friendly cleaning solutions on your floor so that you and your family are safe after we are done with our business on your tiles and grouts. We have been serving the Miami, Fl area since 1988 and have a good knowledge about how to keep your tiles and grout clean and safe for you. Our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals equipped with the latest cleaning technologies and will always try to live up to your expectations. Call us today to schedule a tile and grout cleaning appointment for your house and see for yourself what we can do for you.