Why do your residence need a vent cover?

8 Feb

Why do your residence need a vent cover?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 , King Steam, No Comments

Although you may think that vent covers do not have a big impact on the overall function of your heating and cooling system. However, a vent cover is an important part of your ventilation system. A vent cover is used to redirect the airflow from the ventilation system to areas where it is needed the most so that the air quality is maintained properly. Air vent covers not just help with your HVAC system, but they can also prevent the buildup and spread of contaminants, dust particles and debris in your air system. With the installation of vent covers you can see the difference on your heating and cooling bill as well. You can get the most out of your HVAC system since you can close the air vents in the less frequented areas of your residence. Which means that the more important parts of your residence will receive required heating or cooling to keep you and your family comfortable all year round.


Different types of vents cover.

There are different types of options available when choosing an air vent cover each with their benefits of vent covers as well as disadvantages. Here are three types of covers:

  1. Basic vent covers
    This type of vent cover is typically found in most apartments, town homes and office buildings. These covers are simple metal exterior vent covers or plastic grates that sit over top of vents with a lever which opens or closes a set of slats that redirects the air away from the vent and to the room. These covers are usually painted so that they can be matched with the walls or ceiling from which they extrude. These covers are generally inexpensive however they may not maintain a tight seal that means air will escape in areas where it is not needed.
  2. Decorative vent covers
    If you want to give your space a more refined appearance than you may want to consider getting a decorative vent cover. These covers are available in various colors, designs and materials and can be installed on your own. Opting for decorative exterior vent covers can be more expensive in comparison to basic covers however it offers the appropriate decor that some spaces may require. You can find a huge range of decorative grate covers at any big box hardware store and are also available in decorative metal or grill patterns.
  3. Magnetic vent covers
    If you are looking for airtight cover for exterior house vents, then magnetic option is a way to go. Magnetic covers offer a better seal over the front of your vents blocking the airflow. These covers can be easily installed and removed as they simply seal the vents magnetically on top of your existing vent cover. Installing a magnetic vent cover will help improve efficiency of your HVAC system as it keeps the vents closed on the areas that aren’t used frequently. These covers will also help reduce your expenses by sealing off any remaining airflow. These covers can also be painted to match your decor, wall and ceiling.